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Early Years

In the toddler and primary classrooms, everyday activities such as going over the calendar and talking about the weather and seasons are taught in both English and French.

Our young students also have structured and interactive lessons where they acquire basic vocabulary through songs and various activities. Lesson duration and frequency is based on the child’s age.




Our intention in the early years of French classes is to condition the child’s ear to recognize and reproduce French sounds, absorb vocabulary, and build a solid foundation in the French language.

French is ever present in the classroom and is introduced during the sensitive period of development, which is crucial for language acquisition.

How’s it Delivered

In the elementary program, lessons are conducted 4 days a week, through 30 to 45 minutes block times.

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01. Process

The students work with a variety of manipulatives in order to assimilate the language by image, or idea association, rather than by translation. In addition, our students have access to curriculum based software and materials to reinforce each lesson.

02. Outcome

Children learn French phonics and are able to read with a native like accent when they graduate from the Elementary program.

Upon graduating from our Elementary program, our students have the choice between integrating an immersion program, or testing in for an advanced French program.

03. Le Grand Concours

Last but not least, our students participate in the National French Contest/ Le Grand Concours, an annual competition sponsored by the American association of French Teachers, where Reston Montessori School students consistently earn Bronze, Silver and Gold medals.



What Parents are Saying

A Parent's review on

Rated 5 out of 5
January 30, 2020

I love Reston Montessori School. The teachers have fostered a love of learning in both of my children. We have found it to be academically challenging and nurturing at the same time.


A review on

Rated 5 out of 5
February 14, 2018

Our daughters have been attending Reston Montessori since September.Coming from a traditional education environment to Montessori learning transitioned them into a thoughtful learner. They questions processes and asks why, instead of adapting to doing the same thing over and over again the same way. Their kind teachers and adorable Director let you trust and believe that everything they are teaching will be carried with them in their future . I would recommend Reston Montessori to any parent who wants to provide their child the opportunity to grow outside the boundaries of traditional education and allow the child to find their hidden strengths and build on them.


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Lauren FoxLauren Fox
13:49 07 Mar 22
I can't say enough about the wonderful experience our family has had at Reston Montessori. Our oldest (now in second grade) has been at RMS since she was 18 months old and has continued to thrive at all levels. The staff provides a warm and nurturing environment, ensuring the children feel supported. I often tell people the Montessori curriculum makes teachers seem like magicians - teaching my children above all lifelong skills like independence, critical thinking, and striving for a more peaceful world. While the experience may differ somewhat from classroom to classroom, RMS does a wonderful job of matching students to teachers and learning environment for their personality, and the teachers are experts and understanding your child's unique personality traits and tailoring the environment to their needs. (This was particularly important for our younger child who joined the community during the pandemic having only been at home until she was 3).During the pandemic, we have watched as the staff has pivoted quickly, taken guidance from the medical community, and done everything they can to keep our vulnerable children safe. We are so grateful to have found this community and look forward to continuing for many more years as our children grow.
Terra BecharaTerra Bechara
18:40 03 Mar 22
My family couldn't be happier with our decision to attend Reston Montessori School (RMS) about 12 years ago. When I was touring schools, montessori and non-montessori schools, I immediately felt a warm, loving and caring atmosphere at RMS and knew this was the place to start my oldest son, at the time 15 months old. Now, I have 5 kids and all of them started out at RMS in the Pre-Primary Room, then Primary and finally Elementary (thru 3rd grade). The teachers and staff are exceptional, passionate and truly put my kids interest at heart. I love the one-on-one personalization, for example, when one of my children was in the Pre-Primary Room, the teacher noticed he was getting bored with the current math work in their room, so the very next day she was able to obtain more challenging math work from the Primary Room, so he can continue to grow. Now, this child loves Math and really excels in this subject. I love that the Montessori method is about growing with your child and its not just cookie cutter materials in each classroom for each grade.I did decide to keep all my boys at RMS through 3rd grade and the base/foundation they have received is amazing and highly recomend even just staying through Kindergarten for that foundation you cannot get anywhere else! I know this is an investment, but I look at it as the best investment you can give your child to start their education - their love for school will increase and help in all aspects of life.Thank you RMS for giving this beautiful, loving and peaceful foundation to my five boys and cannot wait to see them flourish as they continue to grow.
Raymond HardmanRaymond Hardman
13:33 27 Jul 17
Gyeong Han BaeGyeong Han Bae
13:49 06 Sep 16
Alex LozanoAlex Lozano
05:19 28 Jan 13
Can't say enough good things about RMS.

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