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Activities provided to the Kindergarten classes are listed below.
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Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and the strength, use it to create."

- Maria Montessori

The Kindergarten Art Program at Reston Montessori School

Art at RMS is based on the program called “Mommy It’s a Renoir” by Aline Wolf. Aline Wolf wondered “Why did adults constantly offer the cute and the mundane to the children who had the potential to savor the genuine, the finely detailed and the truly beautiful.” She thought that children could savor such quality if it was a part of their everyday experience. She has developed a unique series of graduated art postcard exercises to introduce the children to artists, famous paintings and periods of art. Over the years the art program at RMS has grown and changed to encompass not only the artists, the famous paintings and the art periods, but after the children experience all that, they then recreate their own versions of cave paintings, the famous Monet bridge and water lilies, Matisse’s cutouts and Picasso’s blue period, to give a few examples. The culmination of the year’s study of art is the Artist and Author Night held in June. All of the art done by the Kindergarteners is kept in a portfolio throughout the year, and the gym is transformed into a museum in which hangs all the artwork the children have completed during the year. Parents are invited to come and tour the gallery, partake of refreshments and Hors D’oeuvres and view the works their children have created.


30 Years of Excellence

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