Enrollment Updates: RMS is still accepting applications for the Pre-Primary (Toddler) program. Applications for all other programs will be waitlisted


Children's Records
According to the Virginia Department of Social Services, the following documents must be on file in our office before your child enters the school. It is the parents' responsibility to keep all forms updated with all necessary telephone numbers and any new information pertinent to their child's well being.

Records Request
If you wish to have your child's permanent records sent to another school, send your written request to the Office. Requests for records take two weeks to process. Your account must be up-to-date in order to process your request.

Dis-enrollment Policy
The goal of the Reston Montessori School is to ensure an environment that is conducive to learning. While most children thrive, not all children are successful in our program. Dis-enrollment from Reston Montessori School becomes necessary due to misbehavior, delinquent payments, etc. Before a dis-enrollment decision is made, an administrator will have a counseling session with the parents where all other acceptable avenues will be explored. If, after these actions are taken, the teachers and administration are unable to reach a feasible solution, a letter of dis-enrollment will be given to the parents stating the child's last date of attendance. The length of notice is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Mandatory Admission Forms

Please print out the appropriate form (EFT-debit or Credit Card authorization), complete it and submit it to our office.

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